Metso updates Expertune PlantTriagesoftware for better analysis, cybersecurityMetso updates Expertune PlantTriagesoftware for better analysis, cybersecurity

Finland’s Metso says the new version 18 of its Expertune PlantTriage control loop monitoring software further improves process plant operational efficiency, reduces cybersecurity risks and helps to improve profitability.

This version provides a clearer view of PID (proportional-integral-derivative) tuning benefits via a new Performance Evaluation dashboard and a Performance Summary panel. These features show the effect new tuning parameters will have on valve duty, relative response time, robustness and performance.

In addition, the PlantTriage Level Wizard tool tunes level controllers for surge tanks. The purpose of surge tanks is to maintain a constant flow to the next stage of the process. Proper tuning guarantees maximum use of surge while preventing the tank from emptying or overflowing. The Level Wizard helps to get the balance just right, says Metso.

Senior Product Manager Steve Obermann says, “Expertune PlantTriage is well-known for identifying the root causes of control system performance issues. Version 18 offers interaction analysis with greater resolution. Two analysis tools, Process Interaction Map and Interaction Hot Spots, are used to find the underlying root cause of an upset or event. Our clients can now find both short-term and long-term interactions, ranging from 1 minute to as long as 14 days. These tools can pinpoint the root cause of a specific incident. This will help greatly in analyzing short duration or sporadic events.”

Version 18 also includes advances in cybersecurity. Users may now choose encryption on communications with PlantTriage servers. Other improve - ments make the browser interface more secure, robust and less vulnerable to attack.

Expertune PlantTriage monitors plant control loops 24 hours a day, diagnosing issues and prioritizing opportunities for improvement. It connects to any DCS that supports OPC connectivity and can be integrated with a plant historian for access to process data. With PlantTriage monitoring hundreds or even thousands of control loops, plant personnel can focus on the recommended improvements to deliver more results in less time.

Metso Corp.,

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