AstenJohnson AccuFlow press fabric achieves greater void volume, easy installation

AstenJohnson, Charleston, SC, says that the press section is critical not only for a paper machine’s capacity and economy but also the quality of the paper. Water removal in the press section is seven to 10 times less costly than evaporating it in the dryer section.

However, it is not just the paper web that’s squeezed during this process. The fabric must withstand tremendous pressure while removing large amounts of water from the paper sheet.

Less than a decade ago, the main obstacle to improving a press fabric’s durability and water removal capabilities was still the question of how to seam the fabric so that it could be easily installed. Various attempts to increase void volumes with laminated nonwovens and coarse batt layers followed but suppliers struggled with how to add layers without doubling seams.

AstenJohnson says that its AccuFlow™ press fabric was the breakthrough needed, it being the first four-layer woven press fabric with high void volume and a single seam that, because it is not laminated on, makes it easy to seam.

The AccuFlow product line has been expanded for higher and lower basis weights. For higher weights, larger yarns are used to create the highest void volumes. Conversely, cabled yarns added in the CD of mid-range basis weight products, yield greater compressibility


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