Bruks Belt Conveyor fully enclosed

BRUKS HAS ANNOUNCED THE BELT CONveyor ™, a system composed of a standard belt supported on a bed of pressurized air over a formed steel trough. Bruks says the design eliminates idlers and all the maintenance issues associated with them. A simple cradle system supports the formed pans and covers; a central air plenum provides the air pressure to suspend the belt. The only rotating elements are the head and tail pulleys.

Both goals have been achieved with iDEAL® forged YD, the new production technology conceived and patented by A.Celli Paper. iDEAL forged YD is characterized by a shell made with a single piece of steel moulded and processed using hot forging and rolling systems.

A Test and Demonstration Center with full sized equipment has been established in the Atlanta area to showcase the capabilities of this new design.


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