A.Celli offers iDEAL forged steel Yankee dryersA.Celli offers iDEAL forged steel Yankee dryers

Lucca, Italy-based, A.Celli Paper says it has a revolutionary concept for the production of Yankee dryer shells. The project addressed two goals: to minimize mechanical issues and maximize uniformity and heat transfer.

Both goals have been achieved with iDEAL® forged YD, the new production technology conceived and patented by A.Celli Paper. iDEAL forged YD is characterized by a shell made with a single piece of steel moulded and processed using hot forging and rolling systems.

The result is a highly innovative and seamless product that stands out for its exceptional quality of manufacture.

The homogeneous material and structure, free from residual stress, allow for greater variation in operating pressure and enhanced safety by reducing the risk of failure.

The conventional method, which requires welding, poses the risk of defects so that regular maintenance and inspection are required throughout the life of the vessel, reducing confidence and increasing cost from inspections and the consequent loss of production activity.

Another innovation is found in the shape of the iDEAL forged YD’s internal grooves; the patented shell corner minimizes deformation and stress at the edges resulting in a thinner root increasing drying capacity.

Another innovation is the head insulation system which has a patented ceramic layer to reduce heat loss and steam consumption.

A.Celli Paper www.acelli.it

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