Valmet Dashboards are part of DNA automation system

Valmet’s DNA automation system collection 2018 introduces the Valmet DNA Dashboard concept that it says takes the visualization of process data to the next level. Valmet DNA collection 2018 also introduces improvements to the IO (Input/Output) products and OPC UA (Unified Architecture) communication capabilities. The DNA automation system is used in pulp, paper, energy and other process industries.

Valmet DNA Dashboards are designed to make reading and understanding process data easier. They are web applications providing preanalyzed, essential production process information presented in a visual, easy-to-interpret way. They use the real-time and history data already available through a customer’s Valmet DNA automation system thus complementing Valmet’s industrial internet products and services. The new DNA dashboards make it possible to immediately see what is happening at a mill or plant and react to changing situations fast.

By connecting easily to existing system data, the DNA Dashboard can provide key performance indicators and meaningful information to different user roles at a mill or plant, from operators to the CEO. The use of the dashboards is not limited to a control room, they can be used stationary or mobile from any location.

Valmet DNA Dashboards are available for alarm management for all industries. For paper, board and tissue industries, Valmet introduces quality and production monitoring dashboard. For the energy industry, Valmet provides dashboard for the monitoring of energy production and availability as well as emission and production efficiency. For pulp industry, Valmet introduces dashboard for pulp production, departmental and bale quality monitoring.


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