Attis plans biorefinery in Georgia

Milton, GA-based Attis Industries Inc., a diversified innovation and technology holding company, said it plans to buy a 32-acre property in Barnesville, GA, for its first commercial-scale biorefinery. It says the facility will generate roughly $35 million/y revenue and add 40 local jobs to the local economy, growing to over 100 jobs within two years.

The facility will be designed to convert 200 dry tons/d of biomass into biobased products including 30,000 tons/y of pulp for paper products, 20,000 tons/y of melt-flowable lignin for plastics applications as well as sugar for renewable fuel production and bio-based chemicals for everyday products.

Jordan Forest Products, LLC will provide raw material feedstock for the biorefinery which will be built on property adjacent to Jordan’s sawmill operations in Barnesville.

Attis Industries Inc.,

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