Emerson High Signal magmeter cuts process variability

Emerson Process Management Rosemount, Inc., Chanhassen, MN, reports a case where a mill had variability in paper quality because of erratic pressure screen reject flows. The mill tried to reduce the variability by minimizing the analog damping of the existing flowmeter but that didn’t solve the problem.

The mill then decided to test new magnetic flowmeters to get stable measurement with minimal damping. The results of this test would determine the plant standard for magmeter applications.

Of the two flowmeters chosen, one was a dual-frequency magnetic flowmeter and the other was a Rosemount 8712/8707 High Signal™ magnetic flowmeter. To achieve improved process control, all magmeters in the application were set with their lowest analogue damping. The Rosemount 8712/8707 outperformed the dual-frequency magmeter, reducing the variability by 85% when compared to the original measurement.

The High Signal technology generates a magnetic field 10-times stronger than the dual-frequency meter which proved to be a key difference in this difficult application. The stronger field let the mill stabilize the flow measurement with minimal damping, allowing better process control and paper quality.

Emerson Process Management Rosemount Inc., www.rosemount.com.

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