Emerson offers powerful diagnostics for flow meter intelligence and measurement confidence

St. Louis, MO-based Emerson says the latest version of its Smart Meter Verification software for Micro Motion™ Coriolis and Rosemount™ magnetic flow meters is an easy-to-use, automatic tool that allows users to fine tune and adjust engineering processes to ensure absolute measurement confidence and top performance in a range of process industries.

In addition to onboard diagnostics, Smart Meter Verification accelerates implementation of companies’ Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) strategies with its remote diagnostics, digital intelligence and multiple data points providing a complete process overview and greater operational certainty.

Rather than costly and timeconsuming calibrations and laboratory testing – which can lead to production interruptions, shut-downs and safety concerns — Smart Meter Verification provides in-situ calibration verification on-demand with no effect on process or meter outputs. The new system also provides information on other flow issues across a plant.

Key features of the advanced Smart Meter Verification include:

• Innovative algorithms that detect coating, corrosion and erosion in the meter to enable immediate remedial action. Emerson says it is the first company to integrate a 99%-confidence statistical meter damage detection algorithm that enables early detection without false alarms.

• New process diagnostic capabilities that include a “flow range” diagnostic to warn when flow rates are not within the specified range of the meter; instrument diagnostics that can identify if entrained gas is in the process; immediate alerts to process upsets that may affect measurement performance, such as severe aeration.

• Tube coating diagnostics that offer crucial data points and give valuable information to the end user when the meter is coated by something unexpected from the process line.

• Clear and transparent verification audit trails and advanced visual analysis and reporting software that meet third-party regulatory agency compliance requirements in lieu of meter calibration, inspection or removal. By providing a time-stamped verification report, an increasing number of third parties, such as the US FDA and EPA, recognize verification technologies, such as Smart Meter Verification, to confirm instrument calibration and extend recalibration or proving intervals.

•Reduced meter maintenance requirements with variables, such as mass flow, verified to be within factory accuracy specifications. Smart Meter Verification provides information on all sensors, including serial numbers, condition temperature and calibration information, ensuring a simple path to instrument and process compliance.

Emerson, www.emerson.com.

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