Valmet will supply MAP pulp analyzers

Finland’s Valmet has received the 250th order for its pulp analyzer (Valmet MAP); it will be installed at China’s Sichuan Qianwei Fengsheng Paper Co. Ltd.’s tissue mill where the raw materials used include bamboo.

The delivery will include the new generation Kappa QC analyzer that measures pulp lignin content, brightness and fibre properties and offers a unique stabilizing control capability.

Other Valmet installations at the mill include a Cormec5 X for brightness measurement and a Polarox5 for residual measurement. As well, Valmet is currently delivering an FS5 fibre image analyzer and consistency transmitters for the mill.

• A further Chinese order for a Valmet pulp analyzer was for PM 2 at UPM’s Changshu mill. The Valmet MAP with freeness module and optional fiber image module will be installed with six sampling devices.

The mill had been using the previous generation of the Valmet on-line freeness analyzer on PM 2 for 10 years. It says it chose the latest version for the fast, precise on-line fibre and furnish measurement to improve runnability and productivity. Installation and start-up is scheduled for 3Q18 and will be used for furnish management, screening, blending and improving refining operations while also saving energy.


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