Valmet IQ Fiber installed at Irving Tissue

May 2018 saw the installation of the 200th Valmet IQ Fibre Measurement sensor on Irving Tissue’s tissue machine No. 1 in Saint John, NB. For many years, the nuclear basis weight sensor together with an infrared moisture sensor, were the standard to provide an oven dry basis weight reading for control purposes. Several years ago, Valmet combined fibre weight and moisture in a single non-nuclear sensor called Valmet IQ Fibre Measurement.

“The need for nuclear safety training and licences are now eliminated, as well as the specialized service and safety requirements for radioactive devices. Installed on tissue machines that use virgin pulp or recycled furnish, the accurate scan averages and high-resolution CD profiles measured by IQ Fibre provide a solid foundation for machine- and cross-direction oven dry weight controls”, says Marko Toskala, director, quality management solutions, Valmet.

Developed especially for tissue, IQ Fibre uses multi-wavelength infrared detection to selectively measure fibre, water and other sheet components with high frequency across the sheet. As well as significantly reducing the initial investment cost, IQ Fibre users report lower maintenance and cleaning requirements leading to as much as 75% lower total cost of ownership. The response speed and signal-to-noise-ratio of IQ Fibre are significantly better than the nuclear sensors it replaces. This improves the detection of transient or cyclical variations and adds a significant troubleshooting capability to the system in performing detailed online variability studies and allowing for process improvements.

Space for a scanning platform is always limited on tissue machines where open draws, especially with lighter grades, are minimized. The latest generation Valmet IQ scanner is the ideal scanning platform for IQ Fiber, says the company. Its slim dimensions and dust-proofing ensure accurate, stable sheet quality measurements in the hot, humid, dusty environment of the tissue machine.


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