Greycon planning software for April, Sunshine

Greycon, London, UK, and Birmingham, AL, provides production planning, forecasting, scheduling and manufacturing execution systems designed specifically for roll-based and flat sheet industries.

Greycon was recently appointed to further optimize the pulp and paper sales and operations planning of Indonesia’s April Group, by integrating Greycon sales and operations solution “opt- Studio®” with April’s enterprise resource planning and manufacturing execution systems. Greycon worked together with April Group and Accenture to deliver this solution.

Praveen Singhavi, president, April Group, said: “opt-Studio has improved end-to-end visibility of our sales orders, while being able to better optimize paper production (block planning) and finishing area scheduling.”

The project was divided into three phased roll-outs to enable quick deployment of capabilities and took 14 months to complete.

• As well, China’s Shandong Century Sunshine Paper Group Co. Ltd., which produces coated and uncoated white top test liner, automated its scheduling process for its five cutters by integrating Greycon’s opt-Studio with its SAP ERP solution. This followed the 2009 installation of Greycon’s X-Trim trim optimization application.

Sunshine says that the adoption of opt-Studio provides improved short- and mid-term planning capabilities; it can refresh the schedule automatically on every machine in seconds, gives the planner and other users full visibility of the impact of decisions or external events.

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