GL&V FFS designed for improved forming

GL&V says its FFS™ flexible forming system is a combination of Flexible Forming Board, HydroFlex™ and VacuFlex™ units.

The company says the main benefit of the FFS is the ability for the papermaker to optimize the table for each grade and produce the best possible combination of table drainage, optimum sheet tests and characteristics.

The system can also include a microwave consistency meter to give instant process feedback to further enhance the table optimization. The entire system is operated through the FFS controls package.

The FFS system allows automated and remote MD positioning of the board to optimize the geometry around the headbox and have the ideal jet landing on the forming board lead blade. The forming board position relative to the apron lip is critical to ensure the best possible sheet characteristics.

The GL&V Dewatering Technologies Group has designed the FFS so it can be positioned “on the run” according to each grade. The system is actuated either manually through a hand-wheel or automatically using an air motor and a feedback positioning feature.

The HydroFlex units can be coupled to the GL&V FFS controls system to provide independent adjustment of the foiling angle of each CoorsTek VersaFoil® blade to optimize stock activity and drainage on the run. The feedback positioning system allows an accurate and repeatable positioning of each VersaFoil blade.

The system allows the storage of every adjustable blade position in the PLC memory according to each grade produced for quick and accurate system positioning when changing grades.

As machine speed and basis weight have a direct effect on stock behavior on the table, the HydroFlex units will ensure that the gravity section is optimized for every machine condition.

The VacuFlex units are vacuum assisted units situated immediately after the gravity section and are designed to generate stock activity and optimize drainage.

GL&V Group,

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