Peterson TSR4280 obviates need for wheel loader

Eugene, OR-based Peterson Pacific Corp. says its new TSR4280 tracked, radial-stacking conveyor can often eliminate the need for a wheel loader. With its large hopper, the 42-in.-wide (107 cm) conveyor can easily keep up with horizontal grinders or screens.

The 80-ft-long conveyor can stack materials up to 31 ft high (953 cm). Power is through a fuel-efficient, 58-hp Kohler diesel engine, Tier IV compliant with no DPF for lower maintenance and operating costs.

The company says that where the TSR4280 really excels is its ability to make 180- deg rows with over 11,000-cu.yd. (8435 m3) stockpiles in each row, a feature not found on many stacking conveyors.

The TSR4280 allows continuous operation while conveying the material away from the feeding machine. This eliminates the need for double material handling with traditional wheel loaders, a feature which can make a significant difference to the bottom line.

The TSR4280’s powerful tracks allow easy repositioning to extend the pile or move to the next site. The machine can be set up in minutes. Safe, simple hydraulic controls ease unloading, moving, set-up and tear down. The folding head section and optional folding tail create a compact travel position to reduce transportation length.

Peterson Pacific,

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