SEI wet membrane ESP resists high acid mist

Southern Environmental Inc., Pensacola, FA, offers a state of the art wet membrane ESP, a unique, continuously irrigated wet electrostatic precipitator designed to handle the maintenance rigors of sticky particulate and resist the corrosive nature of high acid mist.

Technical advantages include: upflow configuration; small footprint; perfect addition to existing wet scrubbers; state of the art WET electrostatic precipitator technology; continuous cleaning; high power density; and no downstream mist eliminator required.

Benefits of FilmLube include: Improved paper quality; smooth, even felt conditioning over its service life; water savings thanks to targeted application of lubricating water; lower maintenance effort; improved safety thanks to dry walkways.

The unit operates as a condensing WESP which reduces the steam plume density and fresh make-up water requirement.

SEI Group,

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