Voith FilmLube offers uniform felt conditioning

Voith Paper, Heidenheim, Germany, points out that uniform conditioning of the press felts is crucial to good paper quality. In conventional systems, the Uhle boxes are lubricated by lowpressure fan showers that often get blocked, resulting in high lubricating water consumption. By contrast, the novel design of Voith’s Film- Lube ensures uniform lubri cation at all times.

The integrated lubrication gap conditions the felt evenly over the entire width of the machine and, at the same time, saves fresh water through the efficient feed system. FilmLube is also very low maintenance and helps improve operator safety.

Benefits of FilmLube include: Improved paper quality; smooth, even felt conditioning over its service life; water savings thanks to targeted application of lubricating water; lower maintenance effort; improved safety thanks to dry walkways.

Improve paper quality and reduce wear Blocked nozzles in conventional lubrication showers often lead to uneven felt conditioning and scorch marks in the felt. This not only impairs the service life of the felt but scorched batt fiber fragments can easily get embedded in the paper web and cause quality problems when printing. The uneven conditioning also leads to a fluctuating CD moisture profile which also impairs paper quality.

However, the constant film of lubricating water from FilmLube ensures the homogeneous conditioning of felts at all times over the entire width of the machine.

Conserve resources, save time The integrated lubrication using a film of water avoids water wastage from spray mist losses. The targeted use of water avoids over- or under-moistening of the felt due to misdirected spray fans. Thanks to the water-saving concept of FilmLube, the average consumption is lower than 0.5 m³/h and machine meter. The design without failure-prone nozzles reduces maintenance times and costs to a minimum.

Improve safety The low-pressure showers used in conventional systems often make walkways and stairs wet, resulting in an increased risk of slipping. With FilmLube, the lubricating water stays inside the machine, making the working environment in the press section safer.

Voith Paper, www.voithpaper.com

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