Konecranes RailQ runway survey offers safety, repair options

Springfield, Ohio-based Konecranes, points out that if a crane’s runway is in poor condition, it reduces crane performance and can create serious safety risks.

Konecranes RailQ Runway Survey uses a remotely- operated robot and total station combined with visual inspection to provide an indepth view of the alignment and condition of the crane rails.

RailQ gives information about span, straightness, elevation and rail-to-rail elevation. Running RailQ’s robot down the rail versus someone having to walk it and take laser measurements is a faster, safer alternative, says the company.

Previously, the surveys meant runways had to be measured individually for span, straightness and elevation. Taking measurements was difficult, time-consuming and prone to human error. RailQ is designed to gather that information in one pass and do that same 500-foot survey in as little as four hours. Using a robot to place the prism instead of having someone up on the rail removes a major safety hazard.

Konecranes analyzes the information with its patented KC Trail software. The software package evaluates the runway data and calculates the improvements needed. It is possible for the survey specialist to review the results even before leaving the facility. The software provides easy-to-read reports with 2D and 3D pictures of the runway’s alignment condition. Konecranes can identify the rails, the columns and each individual measurement point and compare the data to CMAA, ISO or other gov erning criteria. Surveys can also be customized to report on specific customer criteria.

KC Trail can also offer more than one repair scenario for the customer to consider, ranging from a minimum correction sufficient to get the runway back within specification to an optimum correction to make it perfect. The decision can be made based on long-term plans for that crane and building, short-term budget constraints or other contributing factors.

Konecranes says RailQ measures angles and distance with the best accuracy and delivers xyz coordinates in three dimensions. With these data, Konecranes technicians can make repairs to the runway, re-run the survey and see the changes immediately.

For customers in North and South America, Konecranes has purchased 33 complete sets of equipment to perform runway services. This includes three sets in Canada, six in Latin America and 24 across the United States – all strategically located to bring customers services when and where they are needed. Over 120 Konecranes specialists have been trained to perform RailQ surveys.

Konecranes USA, www.konecranesusa.com

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