SchaeferRolls to build $12-M roll cover plant in Covington, VA

Farmington, NH-based SchaeferRolls, Inc. has chosen Covington, VA as the site for its second manufacturing and service center. The company says the expansion will improve logistics and quicken turnaround times for manufacturers in the US South and Southeast. The new plant will add 31 new jobs to the Covington area right away and the company plans to add more with business growth expected well into the future.

Reasons for optimism include the fact that no new fullservice roll covering, maintenance and repair plants have been built in the US since the early 1990s. SchaeferRolls says there currently aren’t enough full-service roll-cover manufacturing, service and repair centers in the Southeast region to satisfy demand. The new plant will serve the southern paper and packaging industry by sourcing SchaeferRolls’ complete line of state-of-the-art roll covers as well as comprehensive mechanical services required to maintain roll performance in paper manufacturing.

As well, it will be the local supplier to WestRock’s major paperboard operation in Covington.

JT Fisher, Vice-President and General Manager of SchaeferRolls, Inc. said that several sites were considered. “We’ve been looking for a location to site a second manufacturing facility to better serve our customers in the South and Covington provides excellent transportation options and a skilled labor force, allowing us to provide products with enhanced economic value to our customers,” he said.

SchaeferRolls has been producing polymer-based roll covers since 1946.

SchaeferRolls, Inc.,

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