Transparency, efficiency, safety with Virtual Reality Solutions by Voith Paper

Heidenheim, Germany-based Voith Paper has introduced its new smart service package called Virtual Reality Solutions, designed to offer papermakers the opportunity to have their new machine modeled in virtual reality. This means NEW PRODUCT S FORUM that Voith customers can benefit from more transparency, efficiency and safety in paper production over the entire life cycle of the machine.

Virtual Reality Solutions gives paper manufacturers a digital representation of their own new machine within a matter of days. The system allows the machine to be brought to life before it is even built, either on a monitor or using virtual reality goggles for an even more realistic experience.

In the planning phase this makes it much easier to configure the machine and develop infrastructure such as for stock preparation, buildings and access routes. Providing information to stakeholders is also simpler if the characteristics and functions of individual components and the entire machine can be represented realistically anywhere in the world.

Virtual reality offers effective use of the time available before commissioning the machine. Operators, maintenance crews and managers can acquire proficiency and familiarize themselves with the machine and those inner workings that are not directly accessible in real life. Virtual training programs allow personnel to acquire experience with the operation even though their paper machine is not yet running. Training in a virtual reality environment is about more than just visual perception; there is also a realistic noise backdrop and controls allow the user to move along the entire machine and execute certain hand actions. Much better learning outcomes can be achieved by addressing several sensory perceptions at once, says Voith.

According to Voith, Virtual Reality Solutions also ensure more operational efficiency. Staff can practise maintenance activities in advance in interactive training scenarios. The training not only includes all work processes, which are simulated step-by-step with the necessary tools, it also focuses on occupational safety. For example, the replacement of a press sleeve or screen basket can be simulated and practised in a safe virtual environment before the task is performed at the machine. The routine acquired in this way then leads to shorter downtimes in real-life maintenance, a lower error rate and a reduced risk of workplace accidents.

With Virtual Reality Solutions, Voith Paper is taking its next step on route to Papermaking 4.0 by combining the potential offered by digitalization with the physical manufacturing process and thus optimizing paper production.

Voith Paper,

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