Cross-profile measurement of the running machine by IBS

IBS Paper Performance Group, with offices in the USA and Canada, has introduced safetyMASTER™, a fully automatic permeability and moisture profile measurement for felts.

Periodic monitoring of press section felt condition requires a cross-profile measurement at the running machine. For safety reasons, many paper mills now forbid a corssing of the running machine. Additionally, manual measurement is often impossible due to limited accessibility, and does not always produce consistent results.

With the operator now safely outside the machine, the IBS safetyMASTER™ offers an optimal solution.

IBS guarantees absolutely safe felt profile measurements at the running machine, felt profile measurements in positions difficult to access and constant and reproducible measurements.

Peter Michels, Managing Director of Heimbach Group states: “We are particularly pleased to welcome a recognized technology leader such as IBS in our paper machine partnership netowrk. For Heimbach, customer safety is always a top priority so safetyMASTER™ offers customers a safe and reliable tool, both in terms of exact and consistent measurement results plus high quality health and safety standards.”

IBS Paper Performance Group,

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