Andritz bio-methanol plant for Södra Mönsterås

Andritz, Graz, Austria, is to supply a bio-methanol cleaning and purification plant for Södra’s pulp mill in Mönsterås, Sweden.

W ith a capacity of 5000 tonnes/y (kt/y), the plant is a key part of a new process producing sustainable bio-methanol from renewable raw material.

Bio-methanol can be used in shipping as a stand- alone fuel, for the production of biodiesel (RME), as an additive in gasoline or as a raw material in the chemical industry. The methanol produced is compliant with the IMPCA Reference Specifications for merchantable methanol. Start-up of the plant is scheduled for 3Q2019.

Globally, methanol production is in the order of 80 Mt/y and is generated mostly from fossil raw materials. In the chemical wood pulping process, methanol is formed as a by-product with many impurities. This raw methanol is purified to a merchantable product chemically identical to fossil-based methanol. The bio-methanol generated contributes towards reducing the amount of fossil greenhouse gas emissions.

The current target of the European Union is to have 10% of the transport fuel of every EU country coming from renewable sources, such as biofuels, by 2020.


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