Metsä Group springs into textile fibres

Finland’s Metsä Group has established Metsä Spring Ltd. which, together with partner organizations, will invest in new endeavors to identify and develop business opportunities in the sustainable forestbased bioeconomy and circular economy. Niklas von Weymarn has been appointed CEO of the company. He transfers to Metsä Spring from the position of VP, Research in Metsä Fibre, also part of Metsä Group. The office of Metsä Spring is in Otaniemi innovation campus in Espoo, Finland: Its establishment does not affect the R&D activities of Metsä Group’s other business areas.

The first concept in Metsä Spring’s portfolio is the new textile fibre production method developed by Metsä Fibre. A greenfield demo plant with the capacity of about 500 tonnes of staple fibre per year will be integrated with Metsä Group’s bioproduct mill in Äänekoski.

Metsä says the current ways to produce textile fibres have a notable environmental footprint and the textile market is seeking more sustainable alternatives. Metsä Group’s method is based on direct dissolution using novel compounds for the pulp dissolution stage and uses wet paper-grade pulp as the raw material.

Metsä Spring Ltd.,

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