FITNIR launches NIR chip moisture analyzer

Vancouver, BC-based FITNIR Analyzers Inc. says the latest addition to its product suite, FITNIR MC, uses NIR spectroscopy to deliver rapid, on-line moisture content measurements. With soaring costs, high variability and short supply of wood chips, FPInnovations in partnership with FITNIR Analyzers, developed FITNIR MC to provide high-quality and timely chip moisture data necessary for process optimization and cost savings.

At the 2017 TAPPI PEERS conference, Wesley Gilbert of FPInnovations presented the results of applying this latest NIR analyzer in conjunction with a novel control strategy to a dual-vessel continuous digester. A trial at a Canadian mill analyzed the moisture content of wood chips being fed to the digester and demonstrated exciting benefits including a 4% increase in production, translating to an impressive $14 million gain in revenue.

“We are encouraged by the response FITNIR MC has received since its initial launch at the TAPPI PEERS Conference in the fall of 2017,” said Thanh Trung, VP of Technology with FITNIR Analyzers. “There is an obvious need in the market for an on-line wood chip analyzer of this calibre and functionality that has the ability to measure moisture content and possibility to expand to other biomass properties.”

Currently, a trial is underway with FITNIR MC for measuring the moisture content of hog fuel to the power boiler and has garnered excellent success and up-time, given the variability in available sources. Hog fuel and wood chip moisture content are only two applications of the technology to date. Other potential measurement applications include lime mud moisture or solids content for kiln operation, and the measurement of other biomass properties such as density, lignin and extractives.

To learn more about FITNIR MC, visit and read the paper presented at the 2017 TAPPI PEERS Conference.

FITNIR supplies innovative FTNIR on-line, benchtop, kappa and now, moisture content analyzers. Its pulp and paper property measurements are designed to improve mill processes, reduce costs and offer proven applications for the digester, recausticizer, recovery boiler, ClO2 generator, brownstock washer and power boiler.

FITNIR Analyzers Inc.,

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