Voith CleanLine systems clean fabrics

Heidenheim, Germany-based Voith says its new CleanLine traversing cleaning systems for fabrics are available for all sections of the paper machine either as new installations or as upgrades of existing Voith equipment to remove more contamination from the surface and structure of fabrics. The CleanLine systems work in combination with other Voith products to improve the productivity, runnability, safety and quality of the paper making process.

Amongst the CleanLine range is the recently introduced Extract4D for dryers on machines making packaging and newsprint grades made from recycled fiber. Up to four directions of water jets directly contact and remove more contamination from the fabric. Voith says the system has resulted in better runnability on both packaging and newsprint machines due to cleaner fabric surfaces and higher permeability retention.

Other products in the range include:

• CleanLine Excell for forming: By cleaning in two directions with a close concentration of fine water jets, the forming fabric is much cleaner. Uniform performance is achieved because Excell can more easily remove different levels of contamination across the fabric width. The system uses only about 10% of the water volume compared to an oscillating high-pressure shower and runs on key reference machines in Europe, America and Asia.

• CleanLine Excell for pressing: There is a selection of different cleaning heads for additional cleaning of press fabrics and transfer belts to solve specific problems with contamination, cleaning chemicals or profiles.

• CleanLine Extreme for coaters: This new system for cleaning tensioning fabrics is running successfully on more than 20 top and bottom sections. Productivity is improved because the system can automatically switch between online and off-line cleaning to keep the fabrics in good condition. The highest quality of coated paper is achieved by using an extended air-knife and option of a heated air blower to ensure that the fabric surface is dry when it contacts the coated paper.

Voith Paper, www.voithpaper.com.

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