Andritz uses EnviroCare scrubber in lime kiln retrofit

EnviroCare International, American Canyon,, CA, reports that Andritz is supplying the EnviroCare MicroMist scrubber technology for a lime kiln in a South-East US mill as part of an emissions equipment upgrade.

The scrubber is being installed to reduce fine particulate including PM 2.5 from the kiln. EnviroCare says the technology was selected because superior performance can be obtained while utilizing the existing ID fan at reduced pressure drops. The new system will be installed and operating in the fall of 2018.

Andritz and EnviroCare have installed nearly a dozen MicroMist scrubber systems on lime kilns in North America.

EnviroCare say the MicroMist scrubber differs from conventional designs in that it segregates the various stage effluents. The system has separate drains for the quencher, subcooler and collection stages, allowing for greatly reduced water-treatment requirements, efficient re-use of effluents, selective alkali scrubbing and reduced toxic effluent processing.

The MicroMist scrubber is a patented combination of various collection and separation technologies that resulted from a need for higher efficiency scrubbing of microfine particulate with low energy requirements. It is specifically designed to collect submicron particulate (>99.5%), condensibles (≥99%), heavy metals (95- 99+%) and acid gases (>99%).

EnviroCare International,

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