Valmet containerboard lines in for Germany, China

Espoo, Finland-based Valmet will supply a high-capacity containerboard line (PM2) for Hamburger Rieger GmbH at its Spremberg mill in Germany to produce highquality testliner grades based on 100% recycled paper. Start-up is scheduled for mid-2020. Valmet said such an order is worth around €70-90 million.

Included is an OptiWin Pro winder designed to give high capacity through its proactive winding geometry and faster sequences. The winder has Dual Unwind giving even higher capacity because the parent rolls can be changed in only one minute. A fabrics package is part of the delivery. Automation includes Valmet IQ quality measurement and DNA process control systems. The delivery includes process support for six months after the start-up.

The 8600-mm-wide (wire) machine will produce uncoated white and brown testliner and white top testliner grades within a basis weight range of 90-180 g/m2. The design speed is 1500 m/min and the capacity 500,000 tonnes annually.

Hamburger Rieger is part of the Hamburger Containerboard Division of the Prinzhorn Group based in Vienna, Austria.

• As well, Valmet will supply a high-speed containerboard line for an unidentified customer in Zhejiang province, China, to produce high-quality recycled fluting grades. Start-up is scheduled for the end of 2019. Such an order is typically worth about €25-35 million. One factor leading to the order was Valmet’s new type of a spray sizer.

The delivery includes broke collection, an approach flow system, an Opti- Flo fourdrinier headbox, an OptiFormer hybrid forming section with shoe and blade technology, an OptiPress center press section, an OptiRun dryer section, OptiAir high-humidity hood, an OptiSizer Spray sizer with related supply system and surface size preparation system, ventilation equipment for the machine, an OptiReel pope reel and Valmet IQ quality measurement.

The 7250-mm-wide (wire), 1400 m/min machine will produce recycled fluting grades in a basis weight range of 60-140 g/m2.

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