Corrosion resistant plastic chain NH78 and Tru/Trak channel inserts

Can-Am NH78 plastic chain is designed for use in non marking and corrosive environments. It is the perfect alternative to conventional steel 78 chain when conditions demand its features specifically in use around dip tanks,finished wood and paper products, water and sewage treatment operations. Ultimate strength of NH78 plastic chain – 5000 lbs/ 2300kg. Lengths 10ft. Material Acetal; Pins – 304 stainless steel. Color – safety orange.

UHMW TRU/TRAK inserts for steel channels ensure maximum chain life and performance. The TruTrak feature supports the barrel and sidebar equally, allowing for heavier loading and carrying capacity. This feature also maintains center chain tracking through the sprocket and eliminates sidebar and rivet damage. Minimum coefficient of friction and noise reduction are additional benefits for any retrofit or new installation.

TRU/TRAK is available for 2”, 3” and 4” steel channels.

Can-Am Chains,

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