GL&V FibreFine CNF system easy to integrate in mill

The GL&V FibreFine system is a commercial-scale system the components of which are designed to handle cellulose nanofibrils (CNF) and are well known in all pulp and paper mills, says the company.

FibreFine cellulose nanofibrils can be used to improve the economics of paper production and develop new and improved paper and board products.

The FibreFine system employs equipment used in every paper mill in the world. The DD6700 system is the most energy efficient refiner on the market allowing for low-cost production of FibreFine CNF. The refiner technology, combined with a patented control system, contributes to an easy-to-operate system that can be integrated into any existing or new facility.

The patented Equa-Flo keyed refiner plates maximize the refining area by eliminating the bolt holes in the refining zone and contributing to energy efficient production of FibreFine CNF.

GL&V says that FibreFine CNF can be used to develop new products to ensure a sustainable future in pulp and paper mills around the world.

One of the challenges with justifying the installation of any new system is the ability to test the product commercially. There are limited outlets to source a significant quantity of CNF for testing on a commercial scale which is why a FibreFine DD6700 Demonstration Refiner skid-mounted unit is available for rent.

The skid-mounted system provides the opportunity to evaluate the system and produce enough CNF for an on-site trial.

Water, pulp and an agitated chest are the only installation requirements to start making FibreFine CNF at any facility and evaluate the benefits for new products in development.

GL&V provides installation and operational training.

GL&V Group,

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