Souhegan offers environmentally friendly pressed-wood cores

Based in Wilton, NH, Souhegan Wood Products (SWP) uses its patented manufacturing process to combine graded, recycled wood particles with high-strength thermosetting resins to create a range of pressed-wood core products including its CoreSavers™ and center hole plugs.

Only reclaimed sawdust from other wood industries is used which not only reduces the effect on limited raw materials but also eliminates land-fill waste – a commitment to sustainability that helps customers reach their own corporate environmental goals.

Standard cores are formed from compressed wood particles making them sturdier than those made from traditional lumber, which are vulnerable to pressure that splits the wood along a directional grain. SWP says its cores have tremendous crush strength and high impact-resistance that can stand up to the rigors of sustained use. Simple to put into service, these cores are light weight, easily cut to desired lengths and materials can be quickly attached and wound at high speeds.

Paper-wound cores deliver added hoop and beam strength, says Souhegan. These begin as a standard core, which is then wound in a paper sheath to create a light-weight core that is ideal for heavyweight applications.

TheStaved core is a patented option which provides greater axial compressive and beam strength for extremely demanding situations. Custom-cut softwood staves are laminated on standard cores and the ends are banded for enhanced durability. Unlike steel cores, these staved cores will not damage winding bars.

The Notched core is a patent-pending design which allows belting to wrap flush around the core, eliminating damage to the first several feet of expensive heavyweight material. These linerboard-wound compressed wood-particle cores rival the strength of steel at a fraction of the price, says Souhegan. The smooth end holes won’t damage winding bars like rough-cut steel can. These too are simple to put into service – the cores are easily cut to desired lengths and materials can be quickly attached and wound at high speeds.

Belt-winding cores. SWP has produced and distributed belt-winding cores. Also known as extruded shells, these rugged cores provide unrivaled strength and internal support for industrial belt winding. They are most commonly used in rolling paper rolls and industrial textiles such as leather, tire fabric or conveyor belts.

Custom cores. SWP engineers also custom- design and manufacture cores to meet specific demands (e.g., round holes, variable lengths).

Souhegan Wood Products,

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