ESKO Pacific presents the case for seal water monitoring

ESKO Pacific Sales Ltd., Burnaby, BC, notes that according to the US Environmental Protection Agency, “Managing water is a growing concern in the United States. Communities across the country are starting to face challenges regarding water supply and a need to update aging water treatment and delivery systems.”1 With the growing awareness of water use and increased competition for water resources, industries can do their part by implementing effective water monitoring practices.

Mechanical seals need water to cool and lubricate them as well as flush away impurities. An easy option to address these needs in the past was to exceed specified flow requirements. However, with growing attention to water use and conservation, a managed approach is warranted.

ESKO says it is responding to industry trends by providing effective in-line seal-water monitoring that provides an easy, visual indication of water use. User- and process-friendly features such as a quick-clean plunger and anti-clog design simplify continuous water monitoring.

Additional features such as flow control valves, check valves and alarm sensors can keep operating personnel on top of how much water an operation is consuming.

In addition to environmental stewardship, effectively managing seal water use can result in cost savings on water consumption, reduced downtime and optimized seal life and reliability.

ESKO Pacific is a North American manufacturer with 35+ years of flow monitoring experience and can supply topnotch flow monitoring instruments, spare parts and installation advice.

ESKO Pacific Sales Ltd.,

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