Stora Enso launches DuraSense as renewable replacement for plastics

Sweden’s Stora Enso is launching its wood-based biocomposites, DuraSense™. The company says this is another major step to replacing fossil-based materials with renewable solutions. DuraSense is available to companies seeking high performance and a sustainable, bio-based alternative to plastics.

DuraSense enables the use of renewable fibres, such as wood, to replace a large portion of fossil-based plastic.

“With DuraSense, we can offer customers a wood fibre-based alternative which improves sustainability performance and, depending on the product, significantly reduces the carbon footprint – all the way up to 80%,” says Jari Suominen, Head of Wood Products at Stora Enso.

Typical DuraSense applications include furniture, pallets, hand tools, automotive parts, beauty and lifestyle products, toys, and items such as kitchen utensils and bottle caps.

The DuraSense granules are a combination of natural wood fibres, polymers and additives offering the mouldability of plastic with the sustainability and workability of wood. It is also possible to combine fibres with recycled or bio-based polymers to further enhance environmental values. For example, DuraSense Eco100, which is one of the product grades based on wood fibres and biopolymers, is a cost-competitive way to fully replace fossil-based plastics.

According to Patricia Oddshammar, Head of Biocomposites at Stora Enso, “DuraSense can reduce the consumption of plastic materials by up to 60%, ensuring fewer microplastics end up in the environment. Stora Enso’s biocomposites can be reused as a material up to seven times or recycled along with other plastic materials or, alternatively, used for energy recovery at their end of life.”

Stora Enso,

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