CEA’s Rapidox analyzers offer wide measurement range

CEA Instruments, Inc., Westwood, NJ, says its Rapidox series of gas analyzers features a wide measurement range for oxygen and have been redesigned to allow optional sensors for specialized gases such as sulfur hexafluoride (SF6), CO, and N2O as high as 0-100% volume. Continuous, very fast responding and easy to use, the analyzers can be used for many applications and offer new fittings and thermocouples for temperature measurement. Each unit includes software for data logging and offers comprehensive facilities normally found on much more expensive models. An optional air pump can provide a smooth flow of gas drawn from flexible tubing.

The Rapidox 2100 and 3100 oxygen analyzers use a zirconia oxygen sensor. They have programmable outputs and display, and can be user-calibrated with any two oxygen points for accurate readings from under 1 ppm up to 100% volume to be obtained. The units were designed for a variety of applications from gas purity to vacuum leak detection. There is now a lower cost Rapidox version available for 1 ppm to 100% volume oxygen measurements.

The Rapidox 3100 can be ordered as a dual gas analyzer for oxygen and either carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, or nitrous oxide. One new version, the Rapidox SF6 IR multimeter, is used for applications that require analysis of 0-100% SF6 using infrared technology along with dew point and high-range sulfur dioxide sensors. This unit is available for either bench or panel mounting.

CEA Instruments; www.ceainstruments.com

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