Solenis launches Tapestry Yankee coating solutions

Wilmington, DE-based Solenis, a producer of specialty chemicals, has launched its TapestrySM Yankee Coating Solutions which it says is designed to help tissue makers produce a consistently reliable Yankee coating while improving manufacturing performance and controlling operational costs.

The Solenis Tapestry Yankee Coating Solutions offering includes a family of advanced chemistries and technologies, a team of application and field service specialists experienced in optimizing Yankee coating properties, and R&D support focused on tissue-making science and innovation.

“Tissue makers face consumer demands every day — demands for softer, stronger and more absorbent products,” said Richard Cho, global marketing director, Tissue and Towel. “The Yankee cylinder is critical to meeting these demands but difficulties with Yankee operation can affect manufacturing productivity, product quality and, in some cases, asset life. The new Tapestry Yankee Coating Solutions from Solenis can help tissue makers overcome these challenges.”

A reliable Yankee coating is essential for the efficient operation of a tissue machine, yet many mills struggle to achieve and maintain high performance due to inconsistencies in temperature, moisture and/or other operating conditions. Solenis says Tapestry Yankee Coating Solutions include the most advanced chemistries on the market to optimize Yankee performance.

Solenis Tapestry chemis - tries enable the development of a coating that provides several benefits, including:

Doctorability. Solenis Tapestry chemistries deliver a coating with the right rheology for optimum creping — one that remains stable and consistent throughout the life of the creping blade and quickly re-establishes itself after the blade is changed. It also absorbs potential blade vibrations.

Edge Control The right coating leads to clean edges on the Yankee cylinder which reduces sheet breaks and delivers predictable creping quality.

Coating Uniformity The Tapestry Solutions produce a more uniform coating that helps to eliminate lumps or wrinkles in the finished roll of paper and improves the operational stability of the Yankee system.

The resulting improvements to creping performance and tissue quality can ultimately help a tissue mill’s bottom line through enhanced productivity and improved product quality attributes such as softness and strength. In addition, a dependable coating is a key element in protecting tissue machinery.


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