Fluoro-Coat X550

Fluoron, Inc., Elkton, MD, says its Fluoro- Coat X-550 is a coating made with PTFE resin has as good a release as other coatings made with TeflonĀ® and heat-shrinkable tubing products. Fluoro-Coat X-550 is sprayed on while the dryer is rotating slowly then the steam is turned into the dryer and it is heated to maximum temperature.

It requires a minimum of 250 F to harden the coating. Fluoro-Coat X-550 has the release characteristics of Teflon and is the result of a fiveyear development effort. X-550 can be applied to the dryer and cured on site and can be fieldapplied in less time than conventional dryer sleeves made with Teflon FEP, says Fluoron.

Other Fluoro-Coat X-550 advantages are: It is less expensive than dryer covers; it withstands pike pole damage; it is field-applied and cured; saves downtime; not subject to build-up; continuous service at 550 F; offers an alternative to doctoring. Fluoron notes that, because it is an alternative to doctoring, Fluoro-Coat X550 should not be applied to dryers that must be doctored.

*Teflon is a registered trademark of DuPont used under license by Fluoron, Inc. Fluoron, Inc., www.fluoron.com

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