Voith HiCon 2.0 lets Mpact increase capacity, cut energy requirements

South African paper manufacturer Mpact is the first Voith customer to use an InfiltraDiscfilter with HiCon 2.0 technology following a machine rebuild. At Mpact, the disc filters have significantly exceeded expectations.

Maggy Odayar, technical manager at Mpact, says “The disc filters have proven to be reliable, efficient and highly flexible in respect of inlet stock consistency and stock flow. Throughput is 15% higher than the planned rate.” Longterm tests show that consistencies of 2% can be sustained. The Mpact filters can readily handle consistency peaks of 2.5%.

As part of the conversion of the Felixton mill to make production ‘’greener’’, recovered paper fibers have been used instead of the sugar cane waste product bagasse since 2015. A machine rebuild was designed to increase the machine speed from 700 to 930 m/min, to achieve a 40% increase in production. Voith completely upgraded the stock preparation unit. Since the completion of the rebuild in 2016, a vertical LC pulper with a capacity of 800 tonnes/day has been added to the existing drum pulper.

The new technology from Voith’s BlueLine range is the latest development of the disc filters, which began in 2012 with the launch of the BaglessPlus system and was followed by the HiCon technology in 2014. The new system not only allows the consistency of the stock flow in the inlet to be increased but also raises throughput by up to 20%. Filters equipped with HiCon have already demonstrated in both new builds and upgrades that they are robust enough to handle high and strongly fluctuating stock consistencies in the inlet.

The HiCon 2.0 technology builds on these proven concepts but has added two core innovations: First, a sturdy system ensures that discs stay on track which prevents segment damage. Second, each disc is fed separately and the flow pattern in the vat can be reversed to prevent thickening of the pulp. In conventional disc filters, higher inlet stock consistencies result in a high degree of thickening in the filter vat. This is why most paper manufacturers dilute the stock flow upstream of the disc filters. This means higher water input and a higher pumping energy demand.

Voith Paper, www.voith.com

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