Allnorth, FpInnovations partner to bring innovation, value to energy management

Allnorth, Vancouver, BC, and FPInnovations, Pointe Claire, QC, have formed strategic partnership they say will bring a new level of innovation and added value to pulp and paper clients throughout North America.

The partnership will allow a larger number of pulp and paper organizations to benefit from an integrated solution toward energy management.

FPInnovations, working with CanmetENERGY of Natural Resources Canada, has developed a unique approach to identifying opportunities to minimize energy use, as well as increasing revenue from power sales.

Combining Allnorth’s engineering expertise with FPInnovations’ process insight adds a new dimension and capability that ensures these benefits are delivered to mills.

The two organizations together will now offer a full suite of technical and engineering services in the area of energy management including: strategic planning, dynamic plant process modeling, process integration and capital cost estimating. The collaboration between the two organizations will bring new technology and engineering solutions to both of their members and clients.

“Allnorth has always been a leader in how we work with our clients to evaluate their mill operations and implement projects that bring the best value, improving their bottom line,” said Jay Miele, Allnorth Americas’ VP of Operations. “At Allnorth we are experts at collaborating with our clients to identify the right solutions, and now with this partnership we have the support of FPInnovations’ world-class research and development to deliver an integrated solution for energy efficiency and process optimization to mills across North America.”

FPInnovations and CanmetENERGY have successfully teamed up to deliver its approach to over 13 of its member company mills. It believes that the partnership with Allnorth will get those solutions into even more peoples’ hands.

Allnorth is an engineering and technical services firm with offices in Atlanta, GA, and across Canada. It recently completed a major project for a Northwest paper company with upgrades to the pulping and bleaching processes making the mill one of the most economically viable, energy efficient and environmentally sustainable mills in North America.

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