Verso to restart paper machine in Jay, ME

Miamisburg, OH-based Verso Corp. said it plans to upgrade the shuttered pulp line and No. 3 paper machine at its Androscoggin mill in Jay, ME, enabling this equipment to manufacture packaging products.

The equipment was temporarily idled in January 2017 and shut down in July 2017 as a result of declining demand for the graphic paper products it formerly produced.

With an anticipated completion date in 3Q18, Verso says the project will help it to continue to diversify its product mix into growing market segments and is expected to create about 120 full-time jobs at the mill and additional jobs throughout the Maine forest products supply chain.

The estimated total capital cost of the project is $US17 million, $4 million of which will come from a Maine Technology Asset Fund 2.0 challenge grant administered by the Maine Technology Institute. Funds from the grant will be become available as certain milestones in the project are reached.

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