Andritz launches tissue research center

ANDRITZ HAS LAUNCHED WHAT IT CALLS THE WORLD’S most modern research center for tissue, the Prime- LineTIAC Tissue Innovation and Application Center, in its headquarters city of Graz, Austria. The TIAC comprises a complete, state-of-the-art tissue production line, including laboratory facilities for tests and trials to develop new products and processes in the tissue sector. It is available to tissue producers and suppliers, research and development companies and universities. Customers and developers can conduct tests and trials under many different conditions, for example to optimize fibers for a specific product, improve product qualities, increase dryness and reduce energy consumption. The impact of variables such as stock preparation, chemicals, vacuum, machine clothing, pressing, and drying with hot air and steam can all be measured and evaluated accurately.

For Andritz, data security and confidentiality have a high priority. To run the trials in a highly professional and confidential environment, while Andritz experts are available for collaboration and discussions, customers can also use their own teams of specialists.

The PrimeLineTIAC has its own complete stock preparation line and approach flow system. Many different kinds of pulp can be processed in one production line, which is split into a separate short and long fiber lines. In addition, all units are available in small industrial scale, creating an excellent environment for best possible fiber treatment and tests according to the individual needs of customers and products.

The line offers utmost flexibility for the production of conventional, textured, and structured (TAD) tissue. It currently features various configurations that are also available on the market as single-machine concepts. This means customers can run extensive trials with what could potentially be their future machine configuration. With a design speed of 2500 m/min and a sheet width of 600 mm, the machine can be operated with either a suction press roll or a shoe press, a regular Crescent- Former or a vertical CrescentFormer, and with a 16-ft steel Yankee or two 14-ft TAD drums.

The Metris PrimeControlE automation hardware and software developed by Andritz provide flexibility in monitoring and controlling the various machine configurations as well as the stock preparation system, including alarm management, on-line documentation and eco-monitoring, for example.

Custom-tailored pump solutions convey stock suspensions with the required consistencies in all production stages. The pumps have sensors for obtain detailed measurements and provide precise pump control and regulating.

Andritz collaborated with many key partners on this project, including Albany International Corp., Danfoss Drives, Fibria, IBS Paper Performance Group, Nash, Södra, Solenis, as well as Flowtec, Lantier, EDELVENT and the Kumera Corp. The PrimeLineTIAC is sponsored by the Austrian Research Promotion Agency FFG as part of its R&D infrastructure promotion program.


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