Alfa Laval offers new look at heat exchangers

Alfa Laval, Lund, Sweden, says that, while gasketed plate-and-frame heat exchangers have changed little in their over-all design for more than 20 years, it has now launched the next-generation heat exchangers offering improved energy efficiency, reliability and serviceability.

The new heat exchanger range results from a years-long effort from Alfa Laval’s engineers to rethink existing designs.

“The demands of industry today require a reliable, more efficient heat exchanger that is also easy to maintain, and many of our customers are increasingly focused on improving worker safety and reducing the environmental impact of their operations,” explains Carina Resare, head of R&D for gasketed heat exchangers. The new exchangers have a number of design features specifically with these objectives in mind.

Among these features is Alfa Laval’s patented CurveFlow distribution area, which simultaneously improves the media flow and minimizes fouling. The result is increased thermal efficiency, which translates to a more compact unit as well as more sustainable energy use.

Other features include Alfa Laval’s unique five-point alignment system, which reduces the risks of unplanned stops by keeping the plates in the correct position during tightening and operation. The ClipGrip gasket design is another example, which provides reliable fastening of the gaskets to the plates. These and other features reduce maintenance costs and ensure more dependable performance.

ars. It already has three models: Alfa Laval T8, Alfa Laval T35 and Alfa Laval T25. By 2020, the entire line of industrial plate heat exchangers will be part of this high performing family of products.

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