Badger Plugs custom endboards offer better roll package

Custom endboards from Greenville, WI-based Badger Plug are available to meet individual or multiple roll suspension applications.

Custom configurations can include unique hole sizes, slotted holes for easier roll suspension, notched corners or corner holes for strapping, inset notches for interlocking wood braces, rounded corners for single roll, in-box suspension and more, constructed of industrial grade particleboard, MDF and plywood up to 4 in. thick.

Badger Plug also offers a wide selection of sleeve plugs in plastic, metal/fiber and all-fiber for use with Endboards to secure, suspend and protect rolls during shipping and storage. Badger Plug recycles endboards, sleeve plugs, channels, clips and pallets for resale only after meeting a stringent inspection process.

Badger Plug,

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