BASF adds Voith curtain coater at paper pilot plant

BASF has recently integrated a curtain coater, based on a Voith DF Coat slot dye, into its pilot facility in Ludwigshafen, Germany. It is available to customers, and interested third parties, for application trials with coating colors for paper and board in both the graphic and packaging sectors.

BASF says that Because of the non-contact application method, the curtain coater allows a particularly homogeneous and defectfree contour coating layer compared with other methods. During coating, the base paper undergoes no mechanical stress so that runnability through the curtain coater is enhanced. In addition, highly uniform fiber coverage and layer thickness are achieved, which not only have a positive effect on printability and optical effects, but also can give paper very good barrier properties.

In addition to the newly installed curtain coater, BASF continues to offer all industry standard coating application methods on its state-of-the- art paper coating machine, including roll/blade, jet/blade, roll/varibar and film press. Coating colors can be produced on site.

All necessary preparation facilities are available, including options for dispersing pigments at variable shear and preparing starch solutions with both batch and jet cookers. A 12-roll supercalender enhances sheet smoothness and gloss development. The paper produced can be cut, packaged and shipped as required.


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