Smaller, lighter Peterson 3310B drum chipper can operate on tight landings, offers remote monitoring

Eugene, OR-based Peterson Pacific Corp. says its new 3310B drum chipper is smaller and lighter than its previous model but can operate on even tighter landings for biomass and land clearing operations.

With a 540- hp (402-kW) Tier III or Tier IV Caterpillar engine, the 3310B has the power to handle up to 24-in. (61-cm) diameter logs. With large access doors on both sides of the machine for serviceability, the fully enclosed engine compartment keeps things clean.

The 3310B’s transverse design allows for a much smaller operations deck, providing flexible production configurations in diverse terrain. With 230- deg. of rotation, the end-load or optional top-load spout design allows trailers to be loaded in a variety of positions, depending on the demands of the job site.

Using the proven drum and knife design from the larger 4300-series drum chippers, the 3310B’s main components are robust and offer long life, says Peterson. The 3310B is available with either a four-pocket drum for typical biomass chips or an eight-pocket drum for microchipping applications. The chips exit the machine from an innovative auger system which feeds an accelerator to increase payload density.

An optional powered feed deck allows for shorter stems and tops. Both the powered and standard fixed feed deck can be stowed for transportation purposes.

The 3310B drum chipper is also Peterson+ enabled — a new remote monitoring system for access to real-time and historical data of the machine’s performance and location.

Peterson Pacific Corp.,

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