Building blocks for testing physical, optical properties of paper

Technidyne Corp., New Albany, IN has devised an automated testing building block system, one instrument at a time, enabling mills to start small, with as little as one testing instrument, and add other specialized devices as determined by their production and budgetary requirements.

Technidyne’s building block system brings economical, innovative, and adaptable automated testing to the paper industry.

The Profile/Plus™ instruments are also designed with adaptive capabilities: Not only do they work independently or systematically, they can also handle a wide variety of grades.

The DC500 provides all of the operational and management tools required to take complete advantage of the PROFILE/ Plus. Simple and straight forward operator interface and advanced data management along with the optional two- way communications making it possible to receive mill information and post data to the mill system.

As the marketplace changes, Technidyne’s equipment will adapt to new situations. Each PROFILE/Plus can operate as a stand-alone instrument or as several instruments operating as one, bringing, testing programs these advantages: Greater manpower efficiency; consistency in testing; increased through put; faster collection of data; a variety of solutions for custom automation.

Technidyne Technologies Inc.,

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