Voith Paper automated IMS ensures coater, doctor blade availability

York, PA-based Voith Paper, North America, has introduced an automated Inventory Management System (IMS) which ensures customers have a readily available supply of Voith’s SkyLine coater and doctor blades.

“Maintaining an available supply of coater and doctor blades is essential to operational efficiency in our customers’ mills. However, keeping extra inventory on hand equates to added overhead and that’s why having an automated inventory management system provides so much value,” said Matthias Breidsprecher, senior director, corporate accounts, Voith Paper. “With our automated IMS, customers now have 24/7 access to Voith Skyline coater and doctor blades for every machine position — without having to maintain an expensive inventory of supplies or the time spent managing a store.”

According to Voith, the automated IMS’s benefits include:

Always available. Day or night, access is available to a supply of doctor blades through the on-line IMS that allows parts to be checked out easily, then instantly re-ordered and shipped to facilities for restocking.

Reduces overhead. With automatic re-ordering through the IMS, the cost of warehousing additional inventory is avoided. Plus, customers gain greater insight into slow-moving or obsolete parts.

Saves time on the line and in the back office. Unlike traditional stores, the inventory locker can be located close to the paper machine and parts are quickly dispensed. Purchase orders and invoice processing are also reduced.

User accountability. Every time a transaction takes place, the part, employee information and time are logged.

Featuring an intuitive touchscreen display, the system is designed for easeof- use and speed when checking out doctor blades. “Customers can simply swipe an employee ID card or enter a manual identity code to access the IMS. Then, they can select their desired doctor blade and a corresponding locker door opens, allowing for easy product removal. Upon withdrawal, a notification is automatically sent to Voith and a new doctor blade is immediately shipped to our customers for restocking,” added Breidsprecher.

Voith Paper, www.voith.com

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