Servophil ServoCleanSystem designed to keep machines clean

Servophil AG, Hünenberg, Switzerland, says its Servo- CleanSystem (SCS) is a new technology for keeping paper machine circuits clean while running.

SCS effectively prevents the deposit of impurities in waterbeariung circuits. It is a combination of two other products S-Combi-TD and S-COMBI-R; depending on the task at hand, the two are either dosed continuously or shockwise.

SCS also reduces the development of unpleasant odours, says the company

Servophil says that benefits of the system include the prevention of paper defect such a spots and holes, the cost of stoppages for cleaning, corrosion, altered pipe hydraulics and increased energy use.

Other advantages include: the combined mixture is dosed into the system without the need for sophisticated technology; safer handling of the products; completely biodegradeable.

Other products include:

• S-BRUSH-SKM® — a newly developed phosphoricacid- free foam cleaning agent to remove heavy inorganic deposits. It is recommended for use when there are limitations on the amount of phosphate in the sewage plant.

• S-CONTRA-DM — also newly developed for application in fresh water for the complexing of heavy-metal ions like manganese and iron and in support of alkaline systemcleaning especially for removing ASA and wet-strength agents.

• S-BRUSH-AS – a slightly alkaline cleaner, especially for the removal of coating colour deposits.

Servophil AG,

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