Dow Chemical has two products for paper applications

Midland, MI-based The Dow Chemical Company, a subsidiary of DowDuPont, has launched two products of direct interest to the paper industry.

• ROPAQUE™ NT-2900 opaque polymer is used to provide opacity and gloss in paper coatings. Dow says that BLUE 4EST™ is a more sustainable thermal paper option for applications such as cash register receipts, tickets, tags and labels. The technology, which is compatible with existing printers, is free of chemical developers and removes chemicals of concern from production. Thermal paper replaces conventional thermal paper, eliminating chemical developers and removing chemicals of concern from production. The new paper uses engineered reflective polymer spheres that collapse when heated by the thermal print head allowing underlying color to show. Dow says the paper is compatible with existing equipment and, as an added bonus, creates images that do not fade with time.

• Syl-Off® EM 7978 is an emulsion-based silicone release coating for bakery and food release applications and nonstick packaging. The technology enables release paper manufacturers to address several global trends including growth in the fast food market, cost efficiencies, processing improvements and sustainability initiatives.

Application of the silicone emulsion can be done as part of the papermaking process where the reactive silicone emulsion is applied to the paper before the last drying step where it is dried and cured. This eliminates the need for a separate process by a converter.

Syl-Off can be applied by several coating techniques: size press or film press; direct or off-set gravure; rod/Meyer bar. It meets American, European and Kosher food contact requirements.

The Dow Chemical Co.,

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