Kemira, Valmet partner to develop internet solutions for p&pi plus KemRevive saves starch

Chemicals company Kemira paper applications and process technology, automation and services company Valmet are to partner in the development of digitalized data-based applications and services for their customers in the pulp and paper industry.

Both companies are actively developing digital solutions. “Ultimately, the goal is to improve the speed, quality, reliability, predictability and performance of our customers’ business. With these synergies, it makes great sense to join forces to create value and reshape business collaboration models,” says Antti Matula, VP of product lines and business development at Kemira.

“Through this cooperation and the companies’ complementary know-how, customers’ production process data can be integrated and optimized for the customers’ benefit.” says Jari Almi, Director of industrial internet at Valmet.

• Kemira recently introduced KemRevive™ for use in packaging board manufacture. The company explains that during the packaging boardmaking process, recycled fiber raw material contains high levels of secondary starch which normally becomes degraded even before the material reaches the board machine.

Kemira says the KemRevive ™ concept is designed to improve the starch re-use and even increase its strength in the final board product by protecting both fresh and recycled starch from degradation.

In the two-step process, the speed of starch degradation is stalled significantly by using an amylase enzyme inhibitor and an optimized retention system retains more of the preserved non-ionic starch. By optimizing the retention program with dedicated polymers, the recycled starch is retained in fibers giving the extra strength and increasing the amount of starch with the same amount of raw fiber material.

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