FITNIR to upgrade US mill’s digester control with online FT-NIR analyzer

Vancouver, BC-based FITNIR Analyzers Inc. says that a major pulp mill in the southern US has selected an on-line FTNIR analyzer to replace its Modo- Chemetics auto-titrator to control its continuous digester control. With its current technology nearing the end of its life, the mill wished to upgrade to a measurement technology with minimal maintenance and excellent uptime.

The decision was based on FITNIR Online’s proven track record for requiring less maintenance and providing more repeatable and accurate measurements. FITNIR Online also matched the mill’s criteria for a system with multiple applications for future consideration as well as the ability to analyze properties beyond REA, such as total solids, dissolved lignin content, and organic and inorganic solids.

FITNIR Online will measure key white liquor properties (EA, AA, sulphide, sulphidity, carbonate and %CE) and weak black liquor properties (residual effective alkali, lignin content, inorganic content, organic solids and total solids).

“This mill has been a long-time customer through a service contract for its Modo-titrator,” said Tom Sands, president of FITNIR Analyzers. “We are pleased to continue working with the team to help the mill achieve optimal pulp properties and production targets.”

FITNIR Analyzers Inc.,

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