SPM upgrades on-line vibration monitoring on KM5 BillerudKorsnäs Frövi

The 2015-vintage SPM Intellinova online vibration monitoring system on the KM5 board machine at Swedish board mill BillerudKorsnäs Frövi is being upgraded.

Originally, Intellinova was installed on three of the dryer groups on KM5. Now, 20 additional Intellinova units with vibration modules are replacing the older system on the remaining dryer groups. Existing cabling and vibration transducers for a total of 640 measurement points are being retained while the measurement units themselves will be replaced.

With the Intellinova upgrade, the mill will be able to use the patented HD ENV vibration enveloping technology which provides maximum early warning against deteriorating mechanical conditions in gearboxes and bearings. SPM says that exceptionally clear and easy-to-interpret measurement results in both spectra and time signals make it easy to verify the type and extent of the damage.

Tobias Andersson, vibration engineer, said the new Intellinova Parallel unit will also be useful on the winder and in other parts of the process where parallel measurement is required, such as on press nips and calendars.

Another Intellinova installation at Frövi three years ago, to monitor rolling element bearings in a continuous digester with SPM HD, which is particularly well suited for low RPM equipment. Three SPM Leonova Diamond instruments, also acquired in 2015, are used for route-based measurement on less critical equipment.

Frövi produces about 470 kt/y of cartonboard and liquid packaging board. A development center assists customers with packaging optimization, printing support and conversion support.

SPM Instrument Inc., www.spminstrument.com

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