Appvion consolidates carbonless paper operations

Appleton, WI-based Appvion, Inc. will consolidate most of the carbonless paper coating and rewinding operations currently performed at Appleton with its integrated pulp and paper mill in Roaring Spring, PA, and move the Appleton sheeting operations to an Appvion-operated facility near the mill. The move will begin in January and be completed in 3Q18.

The company already produces carbonless paper in the Roaring Spring area and the company says the move will help to increase the efficiencies of its manufacturing and logistics operations. Three under-utilized coaters and related winding and sheeting equipment will shutdown at Appleton and about 200 hourly and salaried jobs will be lost. About 300 hourly and salaried plant will stay at Appleton producing thermal paper products and some carbonless and specialty coated grades. Employment at Roaring Spring Mill and at the thermal paper coating plant in West Carrollton, OH, will be unaffected by the plan.

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