Siemens has IoT concept for Simotics drives

Siemens says its Simotics IQ, is a new IoT-compatible drive concept whereby the new Simotics SD low-voltage motors are fitted with a compact sensor box which captures important operating and condition parameters and transmits them by Wi-Fi to the cloud.

The data can then be stored and analyzed by the Simotics IQ MindApp on MindSphere. MindApp provides technical motor data and analytical results on the operation and condition of the motor and proposes, for example, recommended actions for preventive maintenance. This operating data transparency allows further increases in productivity.

Important key performance indicators are analyzed and displayed in MindApp such as temperature or transient oscillation. This allows early user reaction. By applying specifically configurable warning limits and intelligent analytics, the customer can plan maintenance activities in good time and react before downtime occurs.

By integrating several motors, Simotics IQ MindApp not only supports their full condition monitoring range but also manages the installed fleet of motors in areas such as energy consumption or maintenance scheduling.

Siemens AG,

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